Harmony Friends

We're a disabled hobbyist multidisciplinary digital creative artist plural system with a focus on video games, video game music, and other video game-related media.You may also know us as "Hinchy", under which name we're still credited for the bulk of what you'll find here.If you'd like to contact us, please send an email to harmony@sylveon.gay. For more about us, check out our webzone.




  • trailers and video editing

  • one arrangement music track produced

  • quality assurance

Arrangement We Made:

This retro speedrunning map pack by Skysometric for the Super Mario and Portal hybrid Mari0: AE is basically a fangame within a fangame, built with the tools of various versions of Mari0 in off-and-on development for nine years before finally being completed.During the final push, we produced a miniature presentation, a launch trailer, and the foundation of a series of individual level overviews called "Postcards from Retrush". We also contributed one music arrangement (of a song from OutRun).

Playlist of Trailers:


SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament

Music We Made:

Promo Video Reel:

King for Another Day Tournament was a 2019 multimedia event primarily hosted on the YouTube channel SiIvaGunner, a sequel to 2018's King for a Day Tournament.It was primarily made up of three components:• a community participation event focused around an elimination-style popularity competition featuring various figures from video games and popular culture, aesthetically themed around the concept of crossover fighting video games (i.e. Super Smash Bros.)• an original soundtrack of rearranges and remixes of related source material — a real soundtrack to a fictional crossover fighting game• a year-long promotional campaign with character reveals, streamed video presentations, in-universe lore, and moreIt was an extremely complex affair involving innumerable moving pieces, coordination of hundreds of hobbyist creatives, tons of effort, numerous complications, creative disagreements, and even the tragic loss of one of our team members. We began spearheading the promotional efforts almost immediately after the project announcement, then pivoted into a lead role when the original lead director fled the project. Successfully landing the ship while keeping the team held together and seeing nearly every ounce of the team's collective creative vision realized is our proudest creative achievement.


SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament

  • developer of the credits minigame

  • one arrangement music track produced

  • announcer voiceover

Arrangement We Made:

We also contributed to the smaller 2018 prequel to the 2019 event. Our main contribution was a shooting gallery credits minigame, once again inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series, made in Unity. We're very proud of the polish on this game, especially for being made in a very short period of time!We also contributed one music arrangement (of a song from Splatoon 2) and provided the bulk of the announcer voiceover work.

Credits Minigame:


Sonic Time Twisted

  • music director and lead composer

  • level concept contributions

Soundtrack Playlist:

This Sonic the Hedgehog fangame by Overbound Game Studio attempts to strike a balance between the styles of Sonic CD and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Started from scratch 4 total times during its incredible 12 years of on-and-off production, the soundtrack "Dueling Ages" represents 8 years of our musical growth as a composer, arranger, and producer, from amateur to journeyman (and also happens to feature an incredible two-song contribution from the wonderful Andy Tunstall).

Official Trailer:


The Legend of Doodle

  • large, ambitious single-screen connected-world adventure platformer (unreleased)

  • project started in 2011 but we took on the positions of lead developer and lead musician in 2013

  • made in classic Game Maker, then ported to Game Maker Studio 1.x, then a port to Unity was in progress (with ambitious features like dual-screen modes) before development was halted

  • selections from the soundtrack available here (mostly our arrangements of songs composed by someone else, but "The Princess and the Peasant" is our composition)


Here Comes Launchman!

  • highly acrobatic C++ puzzle platformer (unreleased)

  • original game concept, programming, some graphics, title theme (composition only), some level design

  • featured as a playable demo kiosk at Minecon 2011

  • maybe one day we'll fix the demo up and release it


Sonic Melponterations

  • "extra level pack" mod for Sonic Generations (only one level was completed)

  • level designer; music director and lead composer

  • links: mod beta 0.2, soundtrack playlist


Block Dude X

  • Game Maker remake of Brandon Sterner's TI-84 calculator puzzle game, Block Dude

  • project lead, programming, graphics, music, some level design

  • download/video currently unavailable due to our deadname being plastered all over it


Wow, Islands and Stuff!! (DX)

  • Game Maker platformer developed for Ludum Dare 17 (theme "Islands")

  • reworked "deluxe" version released 1 year later with better everything

  • solo project (both versions)

  • download/video currently unavailable due to our deadname being plastered all over it


More Nifty

  • Flash puzzle game, solo project

  • a quickly thrown-together fangame of Tony Domenico's "Nifty" (shaking our heads that the best link we could possibly find was to a TV Tropes page, lol...)

  • embarassing as hell but of historical significance


Key to Adventure: Episode 1

  • dual-character puzzle platformer made in Flash

  • project lead, co-programmer, music, level design, most but not all of the art

  • we wanted to make like 10 episodes but this was all we did

  • designed especially to be playable on the Wii through the new-defunct site "WiiCade". apparently was featured in a Wii magazine?!?!?!


Super 3D Portals 6

(someone actually cared enough to speedrun this game multiple different ways... we're still impressed)


  • various other music (some of it is even good)

  • 2 edutainment minigames made for Legends of Learning (1 JavaScript, 1 Unity WebGL)

  • various other games that reached varying states of not-completion, between 2006 and 2011 in Flash or Game Maker (representative example), and between 2012 and 2016 in Game Maker, C++, or Unity

  • 5 years of extremely silly contributions to YouTube channel SiIvaGunner — including the infamous "DK Rap (Unused Version)" and co-directing the "Totino's Mania" project — between 2016 and 2020 (now retired from channel management)

  • three flash cartoon series (20 episodes total between them) made as a teenager between 2005 and 2009 (please don't go digging 'em up for our sake lol)

  • uhhhhhhhmmmmmm… when we were really little, inspired by the characters from Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants books, we drew our own handmade, hand-stapled comics that were mostly about Pokémon and Digimon and even our own knockoff we called "Mega Monsters"

  • we were born, at some point before that…